Policy Measures on Plastics in Greece for WWF

22nd July 2020

by Tim Elliott, Hara Xirou, Vasiliki Stergiou, Ayesha Bapasola, Hannah Gillie

Eunomia produced this report for WWF Greece, outlining the key policy measures and associated actions to drive solutions to plastic pollution in Greece.

This report builds on the findings of the WWF Greece report Plastic pollution in Greece: How to Stop It – A Practical Guide for Policy Makers. This paper focuses on plastic production, consumption and waste management measures, associated mainly with household and municipal plastics, particularly packaging.

The objective of this work is to fill in the gaps in the prior research to enable WWF Greece to encourage and support key stakeholders, including government, trade bodies and other associated organisations, in implementing some specific measures to tackle plastic pollution in Greece.

This report is available free of charge. Press the orange button and provide a few details about yourself to access the download.