Plastic Drawdown: A new approach to identify and analyse optimal policy instruments to reduce plastic pollution in UK rivers and seas

20th June 2019

by Tim Elliott, Ayesha Bapasola, Mark Cordle, Dr Sarah Kemp, Alice Thomson

This report for Common Seas uses Plastic Drawdown, a comprehensive tool to support governments in identifying the best policies to mitigate their country’s plastic pollution, to explore the impact of the Resources and Waste Strategy on reducing plastic pollution into UK rivers and seas.

The research also compares the impact of these policy measures with those in Indonesia, highlighting the need for unique and specific policy interventions for different countries.

Plastic Drawdown models the impact of potential policies within the UK strategy by highlighting those likely to be most successful in reducing the total quantity of plastic entering the environment. Our research found that a deposit return system would be the most effective policy intervention, with a well-enforced ban on straws, stirrers and cotton buds also identified as highly effective in reducing plastic pollution.

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