EPR and DRS in Washington State – Phase III

12th February 2021

by Sarah Edwards, Sydnee Grushack, Daniel Card, Jade Kelly, Caitlin Harrington-Smith

Eunomia was commissioned by the King County Responsible Recycling Task Force (Washington State) to carry out a three-phase study to contribute to the development of a feasible model for a beverage container deposit system.

The Phase III study assesses the impacts of implementing a beverage container deposit scheme in Washington State. In addition, it studies the impacts of an EPR system for packaging and paper products generated from consumers in the home, and considers the costs as well as the environmental, social and economic benefits of several models of DRS and/or EPR systems.

The study assesses seven potential future systems for packaging and paper products and compares them to the current system, comparing a range of costs and benefits associated with costs and environmental and social impacts.

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