Five Key Steps for Electric Bus Success

15th January 2021

by Dr Gavin Bailey, Amy Nicholass, Hannah Gillie, Emma Stewart

Eunomia were commissioned by Brussels-based campaign group Transport and Environment to identify the key success factors in the deployment of electric bus (e-bus) networks across Europe. These factors are intended to guide municipalities and operators in the effective implementation of e-buses in their jurisdictions.

Researching 13 case studies across Europe, including the UK, Eunomia produced a longlist of factors, which were then compared and cross-checked to identify shared points and themes. These were then grouped into 5 key success factors, with the case studies mapped against these factors to illustrate which factors were most prominent in each example.

The 5 key factors were:

  • Political leadership
  • Financial support
  • Trialling, monitoring and evaluation
  • Proactive and innovative procurement
  • A considered and integrated design of e-bus services

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