Assessing the Costs and Benefits for Production and Beneficial Application of Anaerobic Digestate to Agricultural Land in Wales

15th March 2014

by Adam Baddeley, Ann Ballinger

The Welsh Government is currently providing significant financial support to new food waste treatment infrastructure via a network of anaerobic digestion (AD) hubs, which involve the majority of local authorities across Wales.

The issue of digestate management is therefore of huge importance as this network of new facilities comes into operation in the coming months and years. The primary aim of this project, therefore, is to determine the least cost option for management of digestate from anaerobic digestion (AD) of food waste, both in terms of financial and environmental costs.

Our approach to considering the impacts of different digestate management scenarios is set within a framework of Cost-benefit Analysis (CBA), with the monetisation of environmental impacts via the application of ̳damage costs‘ to life-cycle assessment (LCA) data.

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