Area-Wide Illegal Dumping Analysis for City of Sacramento and County of Sacramento

13th July 2018

by Sam Taylor, Sarah Edwards

This report, commissioned by Sacramento County, the City of Sacramento, and the Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority, recommends a series of policy measures to reduce the costs to the county of tackling illegal dumping.

Sacramento had seen an increase in illegal dumping of 32% in the last three years, with clean up costs almost doubling as a result. Our team carried out in-depth research on the causes and prevalence of illegal dumping across the Sacramento region, produced a package of recommendations aimed at reducing the prevalence of illegal dumping, and highlighted potential funding to support the new initiatives proposed.

Key recommendations include:

  • A set customer standard based on a waiting time of maximum of two weeks for bulky collection;
  • Two free bulky waste collections in the County (to match those offered in the City) and the addition of two e-waste collections – providing a uniform service across single-family properties which make up 80% of Sacramento’s demographic;
  • A multi-lingual education campaign including visual tags on carts;
  • The expansion of the existing free dump coupon program to cover all areas;
  • The introduction of neighbourhood junk waste drop off sites for peak times and locations throughout the year e.g. university campuses at the end of each semester
  • The offer of free bulky services to multi-family properties; and
  • An area wide citizen engagement, education, and outreach partnership program that fosters pride of place in Sacramento.

This report is available free of charge. Press the orange button and provide a few details about yourself to access the download.