A State-by-State Assessment of Containers and Packaging Recycling Rates – Technical Appendix

30th March 2021

by Sarah Edwards, Sydnee Grushack

Eunomia were commissioned by Ball Corporation to produce a research report presenting the first state-by-state comparison of recycling rates for common container and packaging materials (CCPM) in the US.

The report is the first of its kind and is intended to set baseline data for each state that can be leveraged to inform policy, design programs and assess infrastructure proposals and improvements. Good data is the foundation of good policy, the report underlines, and improved data collection and reporting will support a more accurate picture of US recycling across states in the future.

The Technical Appendix to the report details the approach taken to calculate CCPM generated, disposed, and recycled in each state in the US. In an addition to detailing the overarching approach deployed for all states, state specific adjustments are also detailed.

This Technical Appendix is available free of charge. Press the orange button and provide a few details about yourself to access the download.