A DRS for Turkey

11th October 2019

by Dr Chris Sherrington, Mark Cordle, Laurence Elliott, Jade Kelly, Dr Sarah Kemp, Leyla Lugal, Orla Woods

This report was commissioned following the Turkish Government’s confirmation in early 2019 that it will introduce deposits on beverage containers by 2021.

This study proposes a design for a DRS in Turkey based on existing best practice around the world.

Our consultants were commissioned by Reloop to review DRS design features associated with high return rates in DRS systems around the world, as well as identifying which features were less effective in other systems. As a result of this research, our team produced a proposed design for how the DRS for Turkey would work.

In addition to designing a proposed system for the DRS, our consultants also modelled the indicative annual costs and benefits of the system. This included the effects on beverage producers and retailers, as well as the potential impact on residual waste and recycling services. Our DRS model also calculated the change in greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants as a result of introducing a DRS.

The report also outlines the value assigned to the resulting decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants, as well as estimating the value of litter disamenity.

This report is available free of charge. Press the orange button and supply a few details about yourself in order to access the download.