Putting Resource Efficiency Back on the Agenda at Friends of the Earth

19th November 2014

Senior Consultant Hara Xirou will be chairing a session entitled ‘Circular Economy Package – Is resource efficiency slipping off the agenda?’  at a conference to be held by Friends of the Earth Europe on the 24th November.

The conference ‘Putting resource efficiency back on the agenda at Friends of the Earth’ will be held at the North Rhine-Westphalian EU representation in Brussels to discuss the opportunities for a stronger role of resource efficiency in current European policy processes.

Europe is using more of the planet’s minerals, metals, forests, fuels, land and water than ever before.  With 2.5 tonnes per capita per year, it is the continent with the highest net-imports of resources, which makes it the most import-dependent region of the world. This demand for resources is linked to environmental damage and social injustices – from land grabbing and toxic pollution to water shortages and the destruction of fertile land and the seas.

Resource efficiency can not only contribute to the urgently needed reduction of resource use in Europe, but also helps to save money and create jobs. With this in mind, is the Circular Economy Package doing enough to maximise Europe’s benefits? Will other policy processes, such as the land as a resource communication provide another push to the resource efficiency agenda? And what opportunities lie in the review of the Europe 2020 strategy?

Speakers at the conference will include:

  • Janez Potočnik – former Commissioner for the Environment
  • Karl Falkenberg – Director-General, DG Environment
  • Werner Bosmans – Resource Efficiency Coordinator, DG Environment
  • Philippe Lamberts – MEP, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
  • Ariadna Rodrigo – Resource Use Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Europe
  • Ken Webster – Head of Innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Further details of the conference can be found here.