Peter Jones to Speak at REA Organics Recycling Conference

2nd March 2016

Senior Consultant Peter Jones will be presenting at the REA Organics Recycling Conference in Northamptonshire tomorrow.

Peter, who is currently working on an analysis of the costs of separate organics collections for the REA, will take his theme from the recently published EU proposals for a new framework directive on waste. His presentation will examine whether separate collection of food waste is likely to be considered ‘technically, economically and environmentally practicable’ (‘TEEP’) – the test that the EU seems set to apply to decide whether separate collections are required.

Having acted as lead author on the Waste Regulations Route Map, which analyses how councils should go about applying the TEEP test to separate collections of dry recycling, Peter is ideally placed to discuss what this term might mean in the organics sector. At the heart of the issue is whether food waste collections are expensive.

Peter will also join a panel discussion in the afternoon, alongside:

  • Alexander Maddan, Chair, Organics Recycling Group
  • Nina Skorupska CBE, Chief Executive, REA
  • Lizzie Sagoo, Soil Scientist, ADAS
  • George Longmuir, Managing Director, Freeland Horticulture

The event, now in its 22nd year, this is the annual and most important meeting place for anyone affiliated to the organics recycling sector.

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