Our People

William Shanks
William is a Junior Consultant in the Climate Emergency team, interested in the modelling and communication of climate strategy and policy. Outside work he enjoys playing music and has a monthly show on Balamii Radio.

William is a Consultant supporting research, analysis, modelling and writing across a range of Eunomia’s areas of expertise, with a focus on the Climate Emergency and helping Local Authorities set de-carbonisation strategies.

Recent Experience

Before joining Eunomia, William worked for start-ups in the domestic energy efficiency sector in both London and Paris and has excellent knowledge of the energy efficiency landscape across the UK and Europe. William was involved in researching European energy efficiency markets, technologies and policies, and was tasked with creating a methodology for comparing markets between countries to assist company strategy. William also modelled clients’ sustainability projects for their energy, carbon and material savings, often from first principles.

Career History

William studied an Engineering BA and MEng at the University of Cambridge, specialising in ‘Energy, Sustainability and the Environment’ in the final two years. His Master’s thesis developed an original methodology for assessing the potential for material efficiency in the UK’s cement supply chain, finding that more efficient design and construction practices could reduce CO2 emissions by a half. He presented this work to a cement workshop at the European Climate Foundations and a meeting of the Mineral Products Association, and it is published in Resources, Conservation and Recycling. William also volunteers for local solar power charity SE24, helping with modelling and events.