Our People

Tim Elliott
Principal Consultant
I lead many of our biggest projects on circular economy and environmental policy design, and I’m interested in creating a cleaner, healthier and more just world for us to live in. I like to relax through mindfulness, yoga and Qi Gong.

Tim has been working as a specialist waste management consultant for a decade, following a career as an engineer.

He has worked on a large range of projects for Eunomia, which has given him an excellent oversight of the waste management industry, with a particular focus on the development of policy and legislation. He is also Eunomia’s Market Lead for ‘National Waste Management Plans and Strategies’ and ‘ Design of Environmental Taxes’.

The areas of work he has covered include:

  • Carrying out national waste management assessments, including practical implementation as well overseeing legal compliance checking with EU Directives;
  • Leading Impact Assessment work, and detailed analysis, to support the development of the new waste legislative package on the circular economy for the European Commission;
  • Reviewing and designing a range of policy instruments, including landfill bans, requirements to sort waste, taxes, deposit return schemes and other economic instruments, as well as review and design of schemes related to Extended Producer Responsibility;
  • Detailed modelling of waste collection system costs, and the issues related to service efficiency;
  • Understanding the methodologies used to estimate waste arisings, through carrying out market studies and modelling future projections;
  • Modelling of waste management treatment facilities, including financial costs and environmental impacts;
  • Critical review of waste management statistics, development and support to Eurostat’s Waste and Natural Resource data centres in the dissemination of data.


Recent Experience

Tim’s work has covered a range of sectors in the waste industry, including: Municipal solid waste; Commercial waste; Industrial waste; Construction and demolition waste; WEEE; ELVs; Packaging; Biowastes; Broad overview of hazardous and other waste streams.

Tim has a range of skills that he has developed through the studies he has worked on at Eunomia. He has excellent project management skills and a track record for designing Eunomia’s in-house Project Management processes and tools. He has taken a senior project management role on key projects for the European Commission, led meetings with senior civil servants, chaired and facilitated workshops as well as given presentations to a wide range of audiences. A clear and concise report writer, Tim has strong analytical skills and a high level of attention to detail.


Career History

Tim joined Eunomia in 2008 following a career in aeromechanical systems engineering, first as a Test and Development Engineer for BAE Systems and later as a Systems Analyst. These roles saw Tim engaging in specialist technical consultation and undertaking analysis of the functionality of systems — skills which he now brings to bear in understanding the complexities of waste and environmental systems.