Our People

Theresa Reichstadt
My role at Eunomia includes assessing economic and financial instruments, undertaking economic modelling, market analysis, cost-benefit analysis and ex-ante assessments of EU and UK policies. Outside of work I enjoy painting, cooking and being outdoors.

Theresa has several years’ experience of working in the United Kingdom and in the United States where she gained experience in research, data analysis and economic modelling. She has experience undertaking desk-based research and quantitative analysis with a detailed understanding of economics, political economy, green finance and sustainable development.

Recent experience

Since joining Eunomia, Theresa has contributed to a number of projects within the policy team. She utilises her expertise in economics on a diverse range of projects at a regional and global level, from modelling economic instruments and trade flows to applying economic theories to actors within a supply chain. Recently, Theresa led the research and reporting of a project focused on single use plastic cups and food containers underpinned by theories on consumer behaviour. The report was used to inform a governmental body on the potential outcomes of implementing a levy.

Career history

Prior to joining Eunomia, Theresa worked as a Research Associate at a financial-technology start-up, where she conducted qualitative and quantitative research to create technical, comprehensive quarterly reports. In addition, Theresa spearheaded the implementation of Environmental, Social and Governance ratings into the company database to encourage socially responsible investing and the shift towards a green economy.

Theresa has a master’s degree in Political Economy of Development with honours from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. She received a first-class mark on her dissertation which consisted of a quantitative analysis of economic and social upgrading in Turkey’s manufacturing sector within the EU-Turkey Trade Agreement with a focus on sustainable development. Theresa also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics with honours from the University of Tampa’s Sykes School of Business. Theresa’s background provides her with strong economic modelling, report writing, and research and analysis skills.