Our People

Tanguy Tomes
My main strengths lie in building quantitative models to help inform climate and waste policy, but I’m also interested in the impact and integrity of green finance. You can find me at gigs after hours.

Tanguy is based in Eunomia’s Bristol office and works across the policy and waste operations teams. He is a highly skilled data analyst and uses his scientific understanding of diverse environmental topics to provide insightful research and modelling to a variety of projects.

Recent Experience

Since joining Eunomia, Tanguy has proven himself to be an accomplished modeller, putting natural numeracy skills to good use in a number of public sector projects, both local and national.

At a national level, Tanguy has been heavily involved in developing climate policy for Malta and New Zealand. This has comprised input both in the research and shortlisting of possible measures as well as their assessment in terms of cost-effectiveness and scale of potential emissions reduction. In the waste sector, Tanguy has worked on multiple high-impact projects for Welsh Government, generating the evidence used to inform country-wide policy decisions. Notably, he led the design and construction of a model used in a Regulatory Impact Assessment addressing the future of Welsh commercial waste. Tanguy is also a member of the growing Green Finance team. He recently conducted a review of all global green investments, highlighting areas of historic growth and opportunities for future diversification.

Tanguy is also very active internally, contributing to Isonomia where he can and helping to ensure that Eunomia really delivers upon its commitment to walk the talk.

Career History

Tanguy joined Eunomia after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Sciences with first class honours from the University of Bath. His time at Bath included a year of practical research within the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies where he developed a new synthetic route to a suite of novel plastics using sugar and carbon dioxide as sustainable feedstocks; an area of research closely allied to the circular economy agenda.

Whilst at university, Tanguy was also heavily involved in the environmental society, co‑ordinating a number of campaigns and organising the first environment-focussed careers evening on the university campus.