Our People

Steven Watson
I work across a range of environmental topics, with a focus on UK and EU waste policy. I’m interested in public communications and how people engage with waste systems. I also play guitar in Eunomia’s in-house band Dirty Murph and the Kerbside Sorters.

Steve has seven years’ experience delivering of a broad spectrum of environmental work, specialising in circular economy innovation and litter reduction.

Having supported a wide range of different waste and resources projects for both public and private sector clients, he is a strong generalist with expertise in many areas. He is also a skilled communicator, and coming from an academic background in Philosophy is equipped with a careful and analytic approach to language which informs his research and report writing.

Recent Experience

Steve has recently supported the European Commission’s DG Environment in understanding what policies might be put in place to stimulate circular economy growth around certain product groups identified as having high untapped circular potential. In the past, he has also assisted DG Environment in developing a common methodology for calculating the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags across the Member States of the EU, and has authored reports on Member State implementation of the Waste Framework, End-of-life Vehicles, and Sewage Sludge Directives.

He played a part in the creation of a Waste Statistics Toolkit for Waste Awareness Wales, leading research which informed the design of new statistics, including running workshops with a citizens’ panel and analysing the opinions expressed.

Steve acts as Deputy Editor on the Isonomia blog, for which he has also written articles on topics including the recycling symbol, the language of waste, and the history of the waste hierarchy.

Career History

Steve joined Eunomia in 2012, and holds a B.A in Philosophy from the University of York.