Our People

Sean Hollowed
Junior Consultant
I support a wide range of projects with a particular interest in process and resource efficiency. Outside of work I enjoy playing and spectating a variety of sports, especially football.

Sean is based in our London office and uses his strong technical and analytical skills to support a range of projects.

Recent Experience

Sean has contributed to a variety of projects across Eunomia’s waste operations, sustainable business and policy teams, where he is taking increasingly significant roles in project delivery. He has quickly grasped an understanding of UK waste management mechanisms, having supported several London local authorities in the implementation of service and specification changes, in addition to the continuous handling of large datasets, both qualitative and quantitative.

Career History

Prior to joining Eunomia, Sean graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering with Honours in Sustainable Engineering. During his degree he completed a range of diverse projects: from studying complex fluid flow within a Taylor-Couette reactor to performing a full design of a microbrewery. In his final year, whilst specialising in Sustainable Engineering, he covered modules including Sustainable Design and Manufacture, Sustainable Industry and Stability & Sustainability of Materials.

Sean has first-hand experience in Waste Operations having spent a summer working at Powerday’s Waste Management Facility in North West London. More recently he has worked as an Account Manager providing software and IT solutions to the construction industry.