Our People

Olly Jamieson
I work mostly on microplastics, climate change, air pollution and producer responsibility. An environmental scientist by training, I am interested in the interface between society and nature. Outside of work you’ll find me in the mountains.

Since joining Eunomia Olly has contributed to the design and evaluation of policies which aim to mitigate the release of environmental pollutants, encourage better waste management, and promote greater resource efficiency.

Recent experience

Olly’s recent work includes developing a Scotland-specific model of emissions at source and subsequent pathways flows of significant microplastics sources including the wear of automotive tyres, direct application of agricultural and horticultural products to soils and the washing of synthetic clothing. This built on Eunomia’s previous work for the European Commission (DG Environment) on microplastics, within which Olly was responsible for carrying out an in-depth literature review on microplastics produced by tyre wear, developing a mass flow model of tyre wear-derived microplastics through the environment, and supporting assessment of mitigating policy options. Olly has also recently contributed to a project interpreting the risks and opportunities to businesses posed by the issue of microplastic pollution in the UK, on behalf of the Earthwatch Institute.

Olly’s contributions to Eunomia’s resource efficiency and waste management work include supporting the design and development of a Material Flow Account for Scotland, with the aim of assessing the circularity of the Scottish economy. He has also previously supported an assessment for Welsh Government of EPR options to address waste and litter issues associated with food and drink packaging. This included stakeholder consultation, and analysis of the environmental, social and economic costs and benefits of EPR policy measures, alongside an assessment of political, distributional and implementation issues.

In previous project work Olly has also contributed to several of Eunomia’s projects on air quality, including the development of a model quantifying the air quality benefits delivered through interventions by the sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, and a Fitness Check on the Ambient Air Quality Directives for DG Environment. Building on this work, Olly is currently leading in the design and build of an economic and financial model to assess a variety of policy options under consideration by Broxbourne Borough Council to improve local air quality.

Olly has recently been granted a position as an Honorary Associate Research Fellow of the University of Exeter, where he recently gave a guest lecture on the use of Marginal Abatement Cost Curves in designing Low Carbon Development Strategies.

Career History

Olly previously completed an internship within the Energy and Environment Team of Unite Students, a FTSE 250 student accommodation firm, during which he developed a data-collection tool to help build a detailed profile of their waste and recycling infrastructure.

Olly has a first-class BSc degree in Environmental Science from the University of Exeter. Alongside his third-year studies, in which he focused on climate change and the encouragement of sustainable diets to support mitigation of emissions, he organised a conference with the aim of creating a platform for students and staff to raise awareness of sustainability and social justice issues on campus and in the wider community.