Our People

Dr Maxine von Eye
Senior Research Analyst
I am a modelling expert, leading on much of Eunomia’s waste collection modelling, and also work on modelling projects across all market areas. Outside work you’ll find me travelling the country playing water polo and visiting National Trust properties.

Maxine is a Senior Research Analyst with strong numerical and analytical skills, which she now applies to all aspects of waste collection.

Since joining Eunomia, her primary role has been the maintenance, management, and development of Eunomia’s proprietary spreadsheet models. The role also involves troubleshooting and assisting the development of models by others, as well as performing modelling tasks within projects.  Focusing primarily on Eunomia’s collection model, Hermes, she has quickly established herself as one of the UK’s leading waste collection modellers, and is leading the way in developing new analytical techniques and tools, and applying them in the waste sector.


Recent Experience

Maxine has worked on modelling kerbside collection schemes for a variety of local authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, ranging from rural authorities such as Ballymena, Cotswold, and South Northamptonshire, to urban authorities such as Belfast, Sheffield, and Walsall. This involves the cost and performance profiling of various options for household waste collection services, as well as the related workshops and presentations to client officers and operational managers.

In the process, she has developed methodologies that include: waste-flow benchmarking and modelling; analysing weighbridge, tracker, and tachograph data to provide resource utilization information; and calculating drive times between sites such as households, depots and other sites. In addition, Maxine was issued a performance rating card in April 2013 and has developed tools for analysing the results of formal work study methods, which have most recently been applied in the London Borough of Enfield for both waste collection and street cleansing operations.

Maxine’s waste-collection modelling work also has wider applications. These include partnership projects in Devon and Gloucestershire; deposit refund system design projects in the UK, Spain, and Scotland; and efficiency reviews in the London Boroughs of Enfield and Hounslow.


Career History

Maxine joined Eunomia in March 2010 shortly after returning from an Engineers without Borders placement with Shelter Associates in Pune, India. She brought with her a strong academic background, having undertaken a PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Cambridge, as well as a MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics at the University of Bath and a BS in Maths and Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines.