Our People

Mark Ward
Junior Consultant
I provide support on a range of projects, with a particular interest in providing enhanced ecosystem services on agricultural land. My main hobbies are tennis and football, but I also enjoy mountain trekking.

Mark primarily works in the Natural Economy team. His area of specialisation is environmental policy design, with a focus on innovating land and water management sectors and improving the impact of investment in these areas.

His core capabilities lie in the field of agricultural policy and conducting socio-economic assessments within the sector. This work analyses stakeholder perceptions to ensure policy reform addresses many land-use parameters.

Recent Experience 

Mark’s experience of land management policy stems from his dissertation, which focused on agri-environment schemes and land agents perceptions to them. At Eunomia, he continues to research land manager behavioural factors: Mark is a core member of a project team scoping the construction of a new Agent Based Model. It seeks to model behaviours which influence land-use decisions, with the aim is to move beyond traditional economically oriented modelling assumptions on behaviour.

He has recently started to diversify his expertise in Eunomia, developing an interest in how to introduce novel DRS systems both in the UK and developing countries. This work aims to develop more cost-effective DRS which enables consumers to redeem packaging deposits in more ways other than Reverse Vending Machines – which are expensive to introduce. In developing countries, this work seeks to re-structure the system without neglecting the roles of waste pickers who make a living from collecting litter, to recycle. This work requires explorative thinking and novel ideas for reform.

Career History

Mark holds a degree from the University of Reading in Environmental Science, during the course of which he regularly worked with the University’s renowned Agriculture School.

Outside of work, Mark is a keen conservationist, having worked with conservation bodies in Bristol, Reading and Mexico. His terrestrial and marine biodiversity surveys in Mexico helped build a report which convinced the Mexican Government to protect the fragile and diverse ecosystems; a large expanse of the Yucatan’s coastal waters are now designated as a World Heritage Site.