Our People

John Carhart
Trainee Consultant
I research various plastic waste projects through modelling, GIS, and policy analysis. I am particularly interested in econometric modelling and sustainable agriculture. I am a passionate Mets fan, and enjoy hiking.

John is proud to be the first native New Yorker in Eunomia’s US team. He interested in developing econometric models that measure environmental externalities, and likes to use these tools to explore environmental justice and promote sustainable development.

Recent Experience

John is part of both the Eunomia GIS and econometric teams. He provides technical support in these areas, as well as general modelling support for projects that focus on implementing circular economy policies, such as deposit return systems, extended collection systems and new recycling infrastructure.

Since joining Eunomia, John has worked on multiple EPR impact analysis projects, including for France, Ontario and Alberta, including constructed models for these projects to calculate changes in revenues, collection costs, waste diversion, recycling rates and greenhouse gas emissions.

Career History

John recently graduated from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, USA, where he received a BA while majoring in both Economics and Environmental Policy, with honours in the economics department.

Many of John’s research projects were tailored around environmental justice, including measuring the impacts of mangrove deforestation on Indonesian fishing households, intra-household bargaining and child health in Bangladesh, and market systems development to encourage climate change adaptation that was submitted to Mercy Corps. His academic career culminated in a senior year economics honours thesis on the impacts of agricultural cooperatives on small-holder farmers in rural Thailand.

John also spent several summers working in finance for South Street Advisors LLC (New York).