Our People

Jessica Fairbrother
Junior Consultant
Jessica is a Junior Consultant in the Local Environment Team and interested in the impact of waste management on the environment. Outside of work Jessica enjoys going scuba diving and spending time with family and friends.

Jessica joined Eunomia in July 2021 and brings experience on waste collections and operations.

Recent experience

Since joining Eunomia Jessica has gained experience on a number of projects. This experience includes reviewing Waste Management Plans, carrying out desk-based research into the current recycling and waste services offered by London Boroughs and identifying best recycling practices from around the global.

Jessica holds a Master of Applied Aquatic Biology from the University of Portsmouth. Throughout her studies she developed skills in data acquisition and analysis, literature research and technical reporting. For her final year research project, she used computer modelling to analyse the effect that predicted future climate change scenarios could have on marine ecosystems across Europe.

Career History

Prior to joining Eunomia, Jessica worked as a Waste Minimisation Officer for North Somerset Council where she led and developed their recent Recycling and Waste Strategy. The strategy aims to promote a circular economy and support the council’s mission to be carbon neutral by 2030. Jessica also spent six months working as a Marine Principal Investigator for an NGO in Madagascar where she worked with local communities to tackle issues such as marine litter, climate change and overfishing.