Our People

Jade Kelly
I work predominantly in the waste operations team and am interested in practical solutions to address sustainability issues within society. Outside of work you’ll find me on the yoga mat or working on a knitting project.

Jade is part of the waste operations team and is based in Eunomia’s Bristol office, where she draws on her years of operational experience within the waste industry to deliver operationally centred projects, with a focus on technical delivery and modelling.

Recent Experience

Jade is an adept modeller, working on both in-house models and model development. Recently, Jade designed a model to determine the contract costs for HWRC and WTS service contracts, including haulage elements. She drew on her extensive operational experience to ensure the model is an accurate reflection of an operational contract, and the model has been used on a number of projects, allowing her to develop it further.

Jade is also part of Eunomia’s DRS modelling team and regularly works on projects using Eunomia’s proprietary DRS model to assess the impacts of deposit systems, including financial, operational, employment and environmental elements. She is also involved in the continuous internal development of this model. Jade has experience of implementing a deposit scheme “in action” for coffee cups on behalf of Eunomia at the annual Resource & Waste Management conference in 2018. The scheme was the first of its kind at such an event, and Jade managed the logistical elements of the project, which included liaising with suppliers and vendors, procuring suitable reusable cups, and mobilising the scheme at the event.

Jade also regularly works on permitting projects, providing support to clients looking to transfer or vary their current permits or apply for a new one, which involves the completion of technical documents. She is also a proficient project manager, having managed a number of operationally focused projects, including a review of Northern Ireland’s HWRC network, costing the HWRC service for Powys County Council and a review of the financial provision for Newport City Council’s landfill.

Career History

Prior to joining Eunomia, Jade worked for SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK in support roles, where she gained extensive operational knowledge of a variety of collections and disposal facilities, and provided many support functions that involved processing large data sets. Prior to that, she began her career in the waste and recycling industry working for Bath & North East Somerset Council, where she worked as a qualified weighbridge operator.

Jade has an MSc in Sustainable Development in Practice from the University of the West of England, which she studied for alongside her time at SUEZ. As part of her degree, she conducted a project with SUEZ that explored ways of improving reject rates within a commercial MRF and reduction of the associated costs, and wrote her dissertation on the social impacts of food waste, conducting her research with the charity Food Cycle.