Our People

Iona Horton
Junior Consultant
I work on a wide range of projects across Eunomia’s market areas; I’m particularly interested in circular economy solutions and addressing plastic pollution. Outside of work I love being in the hills or by the ocean with my sketchbook.

Iona is based in Eunomia’s London office and uses the strong research and analytical skills she developed while studying Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford to support a variety of projects.

Recent Experience

Since joining Eunomia, Iona has been involved in a number of projects for the European Commission. These have included analysing survey data to help evaluate the performance of the European Environment Agency and European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET), and a project looking at the implementation of waste legislation across EU Member States for DG Environment.

Career History

Prior to joining Eunomia, Iona graduated with a Masters in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford. During her degree she carried out multiple research projects, analysed complex data and wrote technical reports, as well as covering modules on natural resources, major environmental change, oceanography and global climate. Her Masters project involved analysing archive aerial photos and satellite images of La Soufriere volcano, St Vincent, using ArcGIS and other image processing software, in order to aid disaster mitigation on the island and enhance the toolkit for studying volcanoes and earthquakes globally using remote sensing.

While at university, Iona founded the Oxford Waste Society to raise awareness of and inspire action on anthropogenic waste issues and solutions. Iona is also a keen scuba diver and has volunteered with coral reef and rainforest conservation projects in the Peruvian Amazon and Caribbean.