Our People

Iona Horton
I work across Eunomia’s business areas, providing market insights, environmental policy advice and research support to our clients. I am particularly interested in circular economy solutions and addressing plastic pollution.

A creative problem-solver, Iona works on projects spanning our policy, evaluation, market assessment, due diligence, infrastructure, energy and natural capital teams. She is an experienced researcher, qualitative and quantitative data analyst, report writer, project manager, and workshop and webinar facilitator. Internally, Iona provides business development support to the Head of our London Office.

Recent Experience

Recent focus areas for Iona have been plastics and circular economy solutions. Iona has worked on a variety of projects to assess and tackle plastic pollution in the UK and abroad, and help our clients respond to the associated rapidly evolving policy landscape. Examples include an impact assessment of single-use plastics and marine litter for the European Commission; developing a clean-up plan for the River Brantas in Indonesia with the NGO Avaaz; exploring current and future opportunities and needs for the UK plastics supply chain to transition to a circular plastics economy for UK Research and Innovation; and helping a private sector client evaluate the impact and implications of the Single-Use Plastic Directive’s Extended Producer Responsibility scheme on their business. Iona is currently supporting Anglian Water Services to establish a coalition of regional partners to tackle plastic pollution in the East of England as part of their pledge to rid the East of England of problem plastics.

Iona believes that innovative optimism and effective partnerships between business, government and communities can create a thriving economy that simultaneously protects and restores the health of our planet’s ecosystems.

Career History

Iona joined Eunomia in 2017 after graduating with a Masters in Earth Sciences from Oxford University. During her degree she carried out multiple research projects, including an independent geological mapping project and a review paper on the state of the El Niño Southern Oscillation in the Pliocene. She covered modules on natural resources, major environmental change, oceanography and global climate and conducted fieldwork across the UK, in South-East Spain and Bermuda.

In addition to her studies, Iona undertook a research placement at the China-EU Institute for Clean & Renewable Energy, Huazhong University, Wuhan in the summer of 2016. Back in Oxford, Iona founded the Oxford Waste Society to raise awareness of and inspire action on anthropogenic waste issues among students and city residents. Iona was Environment Representative for her college, a member of the Energy Society committee and attended talks hosted by Climate Society and the Oxford Martin School on climate change, pollution, population growth, waste and resources management, and the impacts of these topics on human development and the natural environment. Iona has volunteered with coral reef and rainforest conservation projects in the Peruvian Amazon, Maldives and Caribbean.