Our People

George Beechener
I work with our clients to plan for the future, advising on environmental policy and strategy. I want to put purpose alongside profit throughout the economy.

George supports our clients in a variety of fields, including climate strategy, corporate responsibility and policy evaluation. Having worked with some of the UK’s best known brands on their sustainability strategies he brings commercial insight to his projects and focusses on building business cases for sustainable decision making.

Recent Experience

George’s recent public sector work includes multiple UK government projects, addressing policy areas such as packaging use quantification and natural resource risks, and at the European level he has undertaken work to review the implementation of EU environmental regulation by member states.

George also contributes to many of our corporate client projects. He delivers expertise in corporate climate strategies, allowing clients to undertake informed emission reduction activities. These projects have ranged from designing multi-year de-carbonisation scenarios to short term baseline footprinting. In addition to climate-focussed work he has contributed to materials-orientated projects, helping clients evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of alternative product materials and assess physical and reputation risks associated with microplastic pollution.

Career History

George joins Eunomia from ClimateCare, a B-Corporation working with public and private sector organisations to address their climate impacts. Much of his work was focussed in the energy retail sector, working with the market’s largest participants to enhance their green customer tariffs. Successful projects now mean millions of people in the UK have access to carbon neutral energy. George also led much of ClimateCare’s engagement work with new clients, helping them to quantify their carbon impacts, build plans for action, implement emissions trading programmes, and upskill employees in their climate knowledge and propensity to make pro-environment decisions.

Whilst studying Geography at the University of Oxford, George engaged in topics across the energy, environment and policy landscapes. As President of Oxford Energy society, he supported the interaction of students with forefront developments in energy systems and technologies, and maintains this interest in his current work.