Our People

Eric Bridgwater
Principal Consultant
I am pleased to be Eunomia’s HWRC and composition data guru. I’m keen to develop our work in Scandinavia and Spanish speaking countries. To relax I enjoy playing blues and jazz piano in several bands.

Eric is a vastly experienced waste management consultant and has contributed to the delivery of well over 200 research and consultancy projects, typically as a project manager or director.

Eric has gained a reputation as one of the sector’s leading HWRC and composition data gurus. He has an excellent grasp of the commercial, operational, political and pragmatic considerations associated with each project, and is widely trusted as an honest and knowledgeable technical expert and for his project delivery and leadership skills.

Eric has contributed significantly to defining best practice in waste and recycling collections and has managed the delivery of several of WRAP’s most influential research projects in this area, including on food waste collections and dry recycling performance benchmarking.  He co-authored the ground breaking National Assessment of Civic Amenity Sites and project managed the production national municipal waste compositional estimates for Defra.

His research experience is complemented by an impressive portfolio of consultancy projects carried out for local authorities, central government, industry bodies and private companies, commonly focussing on business cases for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of HWRCs and kerbside collection schemes.

Recent Experience

Eric has played a key role in delivering WRAP’s flagship Household Food and Drinks Waste in the UK research programme.  He has recently managed the production of national municipal waste composition estimates for WRAP – this is a landmark project, the most complete set of compositional estimates ever to have been produced for the UK.

In 2018 he led a major review of HWRCs in Northern Ireland, which included onsite assessments and improvement recommendations for all 11 local authorities in Northern Ireland.  More recently, Eric has recently managed HWRC efficiency reviews for several local authorities, which have all identified practical operational and contractual opportunities for significant financial savings.

Additionally, Eric has worked with the Latvian and Spanish Environment Ministries to identify policy measures and interventions to assist in meeting EU Waste Framework Directive targets.

Career history

Eric has enjoyed a successful and wide-ranging career as a waste management consultant since 2001.  Before joining Eunomia in 2017, he worked as a consultant and researcher with Resource Futures.  In a previous existence Eric worked as a translation manager and he has good working knowledge of Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

(If you want to catch one of Eric’s gigs, listings can be found here.)