Our People

Emma Stewart
Junior Consultant
I support a wide range of projects and have particular interests in the circular economy and sustainable agriculture. Outside work I’ll always be out and about enjoy snowboarding, live music, and cooking up a feast.

Emma joined Eunomia in July 2019 as a Trainee Consultant after completing her Masters degree in Environmental Policy & Management at the University of Bristol. Through her degree, Emma developed interests in GIS modelling and sustainable business whilst also gaining skills in quantitative and qualitative data handling.

Recent Experience

Since joining Eunomia, Emma has been heavily involved in projects in waste markets and Energy from Waste, as well waste infrastructure investment both in the UK and internationally. Emma has also been supporting the work of the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Industry Group through Eunomia’s role as the Group secretariat, and has developed expertise in European waste export markets and the wider policy that governs its movement. Through her involvement in these projects, Emma is developing her modelling skills and gaining a better understanding of the future development of waste markets in the UK.

As part of her degree, Emma completed two research projects on behalf of external clients. The first was undertaken in partnership with Triodos Bank in which she and a team of four other students investigated the potential for natural capital investment market opportunities in the UK. She gained insights into how thoughtfully-applied financial mechanisms can help to maintain and safeguard natural capital and prevent environmental disasters.  Emma’s dissertation was on the subject of designing a replicable sustainable funding model for a Bristol-based start up operating on a circular economy business model.  She worked closely with the client to understand how their circular economy model would provide external benefits, which made them eligible for favourable investment terms. These projects enabled Emma to gain a sound understanding of the developments in green finance and sustainable business.

Career History

Emma earned her undergraduate degree from the School of Oriental Studies in Chinese and History, during which time she spent a year studying at Beijing Normal University. After graduating and spending a few years on Canada’s west coast refining her turns on a snowboard, Emma returned to the UK and took a role at a corporate travel agent. She began her master’s degree part-time alongside this position, working her way up to Assistant Manager and earning herself the title of the company’s most improved consultant and being part of the most improved team directly prior to joining Eunomia.