Our People

Emma Fletcher
I provide research and analysis support across a broad range of projects, particularly in the waste operations team. When not at work I enjoy anything creative, including trying new (complicated) recipes.

Emma is based in Eunomia’s Bristol office and has a background in commercial due diligence. She has strong research and analysis skills, developed through testing commercial hypotheses across a range of industries.


Recent experience

Since joining Eunomia, Emma has built up experience in a wide variety of areas. She has helped model future service delivery options for local authorities, as well as developing fire prevention plans for a number of operational sites in Merthyr Tydfil CBC. At a national level, Emma played a key role in supporting the Welsh Government to understand the implications of prohibiting the disposal of food waste to sewer from non-domestic premises. Most recently, she was a key researcher on a project to develop a low carbon strategy for Malta, with a particular focus on the transport sector.

Emma’s previous experience is largely in the commercial sector. Her past work includes conducting a local market analysis for a premium vet business to support expansion plans, and managing the design and roll-out of a survey to over 6000 customers to support potential investment in a start-up fashion e-tailer.


Career History

Emma joined Eunomia from CIL Management Consultants, where she provided support on commercial due diligence projects for leading private equity firms in the UK and Europe. Her role involved managing primary and secondary research streams, quantitative analysis of large datasets, competitive environment mapping, and market sizing.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge. Alongside her final year studies, she worked with Cambridge Development Initiative to pilot the first business model for simplified sewerage in East Africa. A key component of the model was introducing a system to convert organic waste into biofertilizer and biogas.