Our People

Dr Elizabeth Raine
I support a range of projects in Eunomia’s energy, evaluation, economics and markets team. Outside of work I am happiest in nature, be it climbing, canoeing or hiking.

Elizabeth has advanced skills in statistics, environmental modelling, data analysis, data presentation and report writing.

Recent Experience

Her experience at Eunomia includes creating a classification for Local Authorities waste collection for WRAP based on statistical manipulation of demographic data. She conducted projection modelling for the packaging free shops sector for Zero Waste Europe to give economic, environmental and social predictions for the sector based on data collected from surveys of packaging free shops. She conducts extensive statistical analysis for the Renewable Energy Planning Database to present trends and projections for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Elizabeth is committed to presenting meaningful graphics that display complex statistical information simply and clearly.

Career History

Elizabeth holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford focusing on environmental research and tropical ecology. She has published seven peer reviewed academic papers for international journals and presented her work at numerous international conferences on ecology. Elizabeth also has hands on experience in environmental policy from a secondment as a policy analyst to the House of Lords Select Committee office.