Our People

Dominique Sandy
Senior Consultant
I work primarily in Eunomia’s waste operations team providing local authority clients with advice on the delivery of environmental services. I have a keen interest in waste prevention, the circular economy and increasing recycling rates. Away from work I spend my time playing lacrosse.

Dominique is an experienced project manager and modeller working in Eunomia’s waste operations and procurement teams. As Eunomia’s lead project manager for waste service commissioning options, Dominique is adept at working with the public and private sectors, balancing complex project management with high levels of technical understanding.

Recent Experience

Dominique’s work covers future service delivery options for authorities across London and the South East, public procurement of environmental services, and project management of a wide range of waste operations projects. He is a highly experienced PRINCE2® foundation qualified project manager.

Dominique is interested in how municipal waste services need to be adapted to support the collection and recycling of an increasing range of materials, and combines this interest and his expertise to deliver projects for local authorities, industry, and the private sector.

Dominique has experience of all stages of public procurement including:

  • Soft Market Testing;
  • Development of Procurement Strategies;
  • Production of procurement and Contract documentation;
  • Dialogue meetings;
  • Clarification Questions;
  • Evaluation of submissions; and,
  • Moderation meetings.

Recent clients include London Borough of Havering, Welwyn Hatfield BC, Wycombe BC, South Bucks BC, Chiltern BC, West Sussex CC, London Borough of Lambeth, London Borough of Haringey, South London Waste Partnership, WRAP, and the European Commission.

Career History

Before joining Eunomia, Dominique spent two years working in the Business Development team at TerraCycle. In this time, Dominique was responsible for launching new national recycling programmes for traditionally hard to recycle materials as well as managing the European side of a project collecting and recycling beach plastics. Leading TerraCycle’s work in the circular economy in Europe, Dominique participated in the New Plastics Economy initiative, working across the value chain to improve recycling rates. His business development remit covered both the UK and Scandinavia, giving him a strong working knowledge of recycling, particularly from the consumer’s perspective, in these markets and across Europe more widely.

Dominique has a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Bristol where he wrote a thesis in the Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group investigating greenhouse gases used in eye surgery and made recommendations to the Bristol Eye Hospital in relation to reducing their emissions of these gases.