Our People

Derek Dyer
Consultant Project Manager
I have the existing role of managing various projects and supporting bid work in the Eunomia Policy Team. When I am not working, I love all forms of cycling, trail building, and exploring the outdoors.

During the last 10 years Derek has worked in project management roles and business development roles across various industries.

Derek joined Eunomia in September 2021 after leading a successful business venture in the real estate market in Peru, building a coworking brand from the ground up. In this project he contributed and led a variety of projects & programs including the design of internal policies and organizational structure, the design and improvement of operational procedures, the design and review of commercial (marketing and sales) strategies, and the implementation of responsible procurement and recycling schemes.

Derek’s previous project experience includes managing sales and financial teams in social housing development projects in Peru. Prior to that he specialized in the design, development, and delivery of training material as part of three change management projects for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations across the UK and Europe.