Our People

David Baxter
Head of Natural Economy
I design new ways to fund improvements to land and water, focusing on the real economic and health benefits. I am a qualified coach, passionate about developing girls’ cricket.

David has 25 years’ experience in policy, regulation and market development for all things related to water and the natural environment. His particular focus is how to enable innovative investment partnerships based on natural capital that will create value for policy makers, developers, local communities and businesses.

David has delivered national programmes of economic appraisal and championed the reinvigoration of catchment-based approaches across England. He has led programmes of strategic planning and multi-million-pound investment to improve the environment. He has expertise in environmental policy, water governance and regulation, particularly in relation to financing, investment planning and strategy of UK water companies.

Recent Experience

David’s recent and current projects include:

  • Research and facilitated debate with senior stakeholders to inspire circular economy initiatives in Scotland’s water sector.
  • Policy, analysis and public affairs advice to support development of an innovative catchment services trading platform for a major water company. Initial results demonstrated potential for a 30% savings on compliance expenditure.
  • Customer research and engagement with senior stakeholders to assess the business case for rolling out natural capital based approaches to increase resilience and improved decision making by a major English water company.
  • A major study for three water companies that identified over £13.4 billion of annual expenditure and 50 governance mechanisms that control catchment related spending in England.

Career History

Before joining Eunomia in April 2017, David worked with management consultants, Indepen. His work provided advice to Government and water companies across the UK on innovative approaches to environmental management including creative approaches to funding, building new market opportunities and corporate strategy.

Prior to this, David worked in head office of the Environment Agency in a range of senior management positions, latterly directing delivery of the Water Framework Directive and the River Basin Management Planning process in England. He has over 20 years’ experience of catchment management and environmental regulation, including policy development at UK and European levels.

David has an MBA from the University of Bath and is a Natural Sciences graduate from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.