Our People

Danielle Katz
I work as a project manager in the waste operations team. I am interested in how to reduce our waste, our impact on the environment, and the systems and behaviour change that is needed to implement this transformation. I enjoy paddling rivers from source to sea and gallivanting in nature.

Danielle joined Eunomia after completing an MBA in Environmental Management from Bangor University with distinction. She has a diverse background of leadership and management as the co-founder and director of the non-profit, Rivers for Change and is known as an inspirational force in bringing people together over campaigns and projects.

Recent experience

Most recently, during her MBA in Environmental Management at Bangor University, Danielle created and produced the #itsforus campaign. She assembled and orchestrated a team of filmmakers, writers, consumer psychologists, sustainability experts, local non-profits, and various departments within the University to produce a series of 10 sustainability videos and accompanying events aimed at reducing single-use plastic usage, clarifying recycling, reducing waste, and increasing well-being.

For her master’s dissertation, she analysed behaviour change theories and the impact of sustainability trainings on sustainable behaviour and lifestyles, proposing specific ways in which these trainings could increase their influence on students.

Danielle has also recently helped launch a Source to Sea School program and Ambassador program with Rivers for Change.

Career History

Danielle co-founded the non-profit Rivers for Change to connect people to rivers through source to sea adventures in 2011. She has been the executive director since then and has undertaken managing a multitude of projects, from small local community river clean ups, to directing the 12 Rivers in 2012 campaign, partnering extensively with non-profits and communities to increase connections from source to sea on 12 critically threatened rivers throughout California. She helped create and implement the first ultra-marathon paddle race on the West Coast, the Cal 100, on the Sacramento River. In addition, she has spearheaded, planned, and managed various source to sea expeditions throughout the USA, including a 2,300-mile trip down the length of the Mississippi to raise awareness about the world water crisis. Danielle has worked to increase source to sea literacy, marry adventure and conservation, and create a more holistic approach to engaging stakeholders within communities.

She is the creator of Snacktime Science outdoor educational short videos that educate kids and adults about science while having fun in the outdoors.  Additionally, Danielle has over 16 years of experience managing clientele and helping increase people’s well-being as a Natural Health Educator.

Danielle is an IEMA practitioner, received a CMI-Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership, and is trained as Mindfulness Teacher Trainer, Natural Health Educator, Climate Reality Ambassador and Carbon Literacy Trainer.