Our People

Ayesha Bapasola
I work with the policy and economics team and have a keen interest in designing economic mechanisms for positive environmental outcomes – particularly in new markets and developing countries. When not at my desk, you’ll either find me roaming the Somerset countryside or sipping chai in Mumbai!

Ayesha’s areas of specialisation include sustainable planning for cities and economic appraisal and valuation, blending both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Her core capabilities lie in the fields of conservation, environmental policy analysis and socio-economic assessments, in both developing and developed countries. Her abilities are linked to her theoretical and practical coursework in resource economics, climate change science and policy, and advanced econometrics, all of which inform her work.


Recent Experience

Since joining Eunomia, Ayesha has contributed to a range of specialised projects, in which she has demonstrated keen analytical skills, particularly in the areas of cost-benefit analysis, market analysis, and economic modelling.

She was involved in a DEFRA project to provide economic analysis to inform five briefing papers regarding the real world effects of the market for Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs), focussing on the real world economic impacts of end-of-year demand inelasticity. She undertook research for CIWM and ESA, examining the potential for futures markets to mitigate price risk in secondary recycled materials.

She has undertaken detailed EU-wide market analysis, commissioned by commercial clients, analysing the current and projected demand for solid recovered fuel (SRF) across Europe, looking at key variables including technological, economic and regulatory changes to determine market direction over the next five years.

She also provided key inputs for an economic analysis of the South Marine Plan Areas planning proposal, to feed into a more detailed impact assessment of the same for the Marine Management Organisation. In this piece of work, Ayesha played a core role in the data gathering, organisation and development of the model for data analysis in this project.


Career History

Ayesha joined Eunomia after completing her Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Climate Change at the London School of Economics. During her time at LSE, she worked as a part-time Business and Sustainability Consultant to the Urban Orchard Project, eventually inspiring her dissertation research on a valuation of socio-spatial benefits from common spaces in London’s council estates.

Prior to that, Ayesha worked as an Assistant Editor and Coordinator for Sanctuary Asia, a biodiversity and climate change initiative headquartered in India. Ayesha also holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Economics from the University of Mumbai.