Our People

Ann Ballinger
Principal Consultant
I lead Eunomia’s work on climate change and air pollution. This stems from a general interest in improving the environment and achieving social justice. I’m a flautist and I enjoy the outdoors (sometimes whilst playing the flute).

Ann’s core area of expertise is in the application of the life cycle assessment methodology to all aspects of the waste management system, and the application of environmental economic methodologies to consider the same impacts in monetary terms. Related to this, she has expertise in methodologies for modelling the climate change impacts of products, systems and services, and the air quality impacts of industrial and waste treatment facilities as well as road traffic. Ann is responsible for the on-going development of Eunomia’s proprietary waste treatment model and the company’s quality assurance process for its quantitative tools.

Recent Experience

Ann led the development of the environmental element of Eunomia’s waste model for the European Commission, which considers the impacts of waste generation and management for all EU Member States. Outputs from the model were used in analysis undertaken for DG Environment of the changes made to the targets contained in the Waste Framework Directive and other Directives.

She also played a leading role in Eunomia’s work for Malta in developing its Low Carbon Development Strategy, and worked with Darebin, Australia, on its emissions reductions plans for waste – the latter being one of the first authorities in the world to declare a climate emergency. She is currently working with a number of UK local authorities who are developing their own strategies to the climate emergency. Other work includes the ongoing development of an Emissions Performance Standard undertaken for the Greater London Authority which sets carbon targets for the city’s waste management.

Work undertaken for NICE considered the costs and benefits of interventions to tackle air pollution from traffic, whilst work for Sustrans considered the air pollution benefits of an increase in active travel; she has recently commenced a review for DG Environment of the fitness of Europe’s Ambient Air Quality Directives. She has also undertaken a review for DG Environment of the fitness of Europe’s Ambient Air Quality Directives, alongside work with several local authorities assisting in the development of their plans to tackle emissions of NOx.

Career History

Ann joined Eunomia in July 2007 after completing a student placement with the company as part of a Master’s degree in Environmental Consultancy undertaken at the University of the West of England. This followed a career in IT, during which she was responsible for delivering customer-focused technical support on a wide range of IT systems at HBOS Plc and the City of Bristol College, including planning and overseeing programmed system upgrades.