Our People

Alexa Cancio
Senior Consultant
I support policy and programme evaluation, research, and market assessment. My interests lie in behaviour change programmes, sustainable tourism, and conservation. Outside of work, I lead the sustainable tourism initiative for an NGO that supports communities in Zimbabwe.

Alexa is based in our London office and is situated with the Energy, Evaluation, Economics and Markets team. She is committed to building partnerships with private and public sector groups in order to encourage the rapid and effective growth of sustainable development.

Recent Experience

Alexa is currently managing a research project to understand public awareness and attitudes towards a future low-carbon heating transition. With this project commissioned by the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Alexa contributed towards the design of the public engagement survey and the design of the technical content used during workshops for stakeholder consultation. Further to this, Alexa has been providing project management support to deliver another study for BEIS on non-financial reporting. The project explores stakeholder opinions on non-financial reporting and existing frameworks in the UK context. She supported the design and implementation of primary research methods in the form of stakeholder workshops and surveys. Now in the final stages of the project, Alexa is analysing data from the different phases of the study to provide recommendations on next steps for non-financial reporting in the UK.

Alexa was involved in a project to assess the monitoring and evaluation processes of participants from Defra’s Litter Innovation Fund (LIF) in order to improve the monitoring and evaluation guidance of future litter interventions. She led the design and implementation of the semi-structured interview process with LIF beneficiaries and the scoring criteria to assess the beneficiaries’ self-evaluations in their project reports. She has similarly applied her data gathering, research, and analytical skills and experiences to support quantitative and qualitative research for other public sector organisations for projects on low-carbon technology, circular economy for bio-waste, and company disclosure of natural capital.

While Alexa continues to be involved in project management work, she provides valuable project delivery support as well through her experience in primary and secondary research, research design, evaluation, and modelling. Her experience in qualitative research has been particularly useful for various evaluation, research, and market assessment projects she has been involved with thus far.

Career History

Alexa has an impressive range of sustainability experience after working in the field for seven years for organisations like the Better Cotton Initiative, WWF-Philippines, and First Philippine Holdings Corporation. Much of her sustainability roles entailed project management, analytical research, strategy development, and engagement strategies. Having worked with various industries, Alexa has demonstrated experience in interpreting sustainability issues and identifying strategic solutions for both private and public sector clients. She also has extensive experience in implementing qualitative research methods and designing engagement initiatives to involve different audiences in sustainable development.

In 2019, Alexa graduated with distinction for her Master of Science degree in Tourism, Environment, and Development from King’s College London. Her dissertation focused on assessing the sustainability impacts of ecotourism companies from the perspective of its stakeholders. During this research, Alexa collected primary data and analysed ecotourism and conservation policies relevant to the site in order to provide recommendations for further improvement in the client’s sustainable development strategies.