Municipal Waste Contracts: Getting the Service You Need

24th March 2016

Eunomia has partnered with independent UK law firm Burges Salmon to host a free one-day conference ‘Municipal waste contracts: getting the service you need’. The event will give guests the opportunity to discuss waste contract commissioning and procurement issues.

The event will be held in London on Thursday 19th May.

The first half of the day will offer pre-booked clinics, giving the opportunity to discuss specific contractual and procurement issues on an individual basis with technical, procurement and legal experts.

There will be an afternoon of seminars including a presentation from Tracey Morgan, Managing Director of Bristol Waste Company, offering first hand insight into dealing with contractual issues and remunicipilisation.

Seminars will cover a range of topics including:

  • What are your commissioning options and how can you design an effective procurement process?
  • What are the different contracting models and approaches available to you and how can you build risk apportionment and flexibility into your contract?
  • How can you design contractual mechanisms that ensure successful contract performance?
  • How to manage contractual disputes – understanding your and your contractor’s priorities and rights to get a good commercial outcome.

There will be an expert panel discussion followed by light refreshments to complete the conference.

The event is invitation only. To view the full programme and express your interest in attending, please complete the online registration form.