Launch of Materials Marketing Guidance

3rd July 2014

WRAP has launched guidance for local authorities on approaches to the marketing of dry recyclables.

The guidance, prepared by Eunomia Research & Consulting, is intended to help local authorities maximise the benefit that they obtain for the dry recyclables collected as part of their provision of waste services.

Eunomia investigated approaches to the marketing of dry recyclables by local authorities with the aim of identifying good practice examples of how the marketing of materials is currently handled by Waste Collection Authorities in the UK. The guidance discusses the range of issues local authorities should consider, including risk, material prices, price setting mechanisms, and how to approach selling materials.

The guidance document also includes relevant contract clauses and templates to support local authorities in the marketing of dry recyclables.

Eunomia Consultant and co-author of the report, Clare Pitts-Tucker, said:

“This guidance can help local authorities achieve much better value for the dry recyclable materials collected within their area. Whilst some local authorities have in-house experts on the materials market, the majority do not. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, so the guidance presents all of the issues that need to be considered, and is designed to help local authorities make the right decision for them.”