Joe Papineschi Speaks at Collection Conference

12th March 2014

Joe Papineschi, Director at Eunomia, is speaking at the Collection Conference in Solihull today. The conference, organised by, focuses on the TEEP test, joint working and collection vehicles.

The conference aims to provide more clarity on the requirements Under Article 10 of the Waste Framework Directive, for EU member states to ensure waste is collected separately unless it is not ‘technically, environmentally and economically practicable’ (TEEP) to do so.

Joe’s presentation covers the separate collection requirements and will discuss practical implications for local authorities & operators as part of the session on “Risks and Opportunities Surrounding TEEP”. Other speakers in the session include Andy Rees, Head of Waste Strategy Branch at the Welsh Government, Anna Willietts from Dentons, John Woodruff from NAWDO and Bob Couth from SLR Consulting.

Eunomia has recently been appointed to assist a working group including the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), LWARB and members of local authority waste networks in the preparation of a Council route map on TEEP. This decision support tool for local authorities entitled ‘Route Map to understanding the requirements of the Waste Regulations 2011 (amended 2012)’ is due to be published in April.

More information regarding the conference can be found here.

You can read Joe’s presentation here.