In Search of the Tidyman’s Designer

15th March 2017

A blog written by Principal Consultant Peter Jones has inspired an international search for the designer of the famous Tidyman logo.

Jones tried to find out the origins of the famous logo, which has been used by Keep Britain Tidy since the late 1960s. It appears to have originated a few years earlier in a collaboration between Keep America Beautiful and the United States Brewers Association – but none of the organisations involved appears to have any clear records of exactly when the logo was first used, or of who designed it.

Now the learning platform Skillshare has taken up the investigation, and launched a crowd-sourced campaign to track down the designer of the famous logo. Speaking to Adweek magazine, the media industry magazine, Alyssa Demirjian of Skillshare said:

“This is one of many examples that shows the real world impact that design can have.”

Jones explained to the magazine:

“I would guess at the time the Tidyman was created, no one involved knew just how widespread and long-lasting a logo it would be. It’s hard to realize the significance of the work you’re doing. The designer, whomever they may have been, gave us a logo that has had a longer and more useful life than most, and it would be great if we could recognize them for it.”

If you have any information about the origins of the Tidyman, you can email Skillshare or get in touch via Twitter using @skillshare and the hashtag #SearchingForTidyman – or contact Peter Jones.