Harriet Parke Speaks on the Anaerobic Digestion Market

2nd July 2014

Consultant Harriet Parke is at the NEC in Birmingham today, speaking at the UK AD & Biogas Conference.

Harriet is speaking in the session looking at how the waste market for AD will be likely to develop. She will be presenting the key findings from Eunomia’s recently published Anaerobic Digestion Report, and then taking part in a panel discussion, considering how we can increase feedstock availability and drive the best use of resources. The discussion will be chaired by Dustin Benton, Head of Resource Stewardship at Green Alliance. Other speakers in the session include Stuart Hayward-Higham, Development Director of SITA UK, Steve Lee, the CEO of CIWM, and Chris Dow, CEO of Closed Loop Recycling.