George Cole to Speak on the Potential for Community Action to Create Behaviour Change and Prevent Litter

9th June 2015

George Cole will be speaking at the South West Waste and Recycling Forum 9th Annual Conference in Paignton on 10th June.

At the event, George will be reflecting on the findings of the recent Eunomia research on community engagement for litter prevention commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland. Recent work by Eunomia has revealed the hidden cost of litter to society, which adds several billion pounds of indirect costs onto the direct costs of cleaning the streets. It is clear that the need for litter prevention is ever more pressing, especially in the face of tightening budgets and the pressure to do more with less.

George will explore existing and emerging methods for community action to create long lasting behaviour change and prevent litter; taking in a broad spectrum of interventions from enhanced litter picks to community building events designed to increase civic pride in the local area. Local authorities are already active in supporting many of these schemes but more can be done to maximise the litter prevention benefits, and the potential for other social, environmental and economic benefits, so as to provide a joined up approach to communities, litter and the local environment.

More information about the event can be found here.