Fire Prevention Plan Webinar Series Announced

17th February 2017

Over the last 12 months Eunomia has worked with clients to develop compliant Fire Prevention Plans (FPP) which are operationally appropriate and the consultancy has now announced a series of three webinars to share its experience.

Aimed at waste site owners and managers, the webinars, which are free to attend, will give the audience some of the knowledge and tools necessary to develop a compliant FPP that is operationally practical. Eunomia’s planning and permitting team is already providing training in Fire Prevention & Mitigation Plan Guidance across the waste industry in Wales.

On the importance of operators being ‘ahead of the game’ in this area, Eunomia’s permitting expert Sophie Crosswell said:

“It’s really important that operators feel confident in working with the Environment Agency and the Fire Service to develop a fire prevention plan to improve business continuity and reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of waste fires.”

The content of each webinar is different and the sessions can be attended in isolation, or for an in-depth understanding, stakeholders are encouraged to sign-up to all three.

Webinar 1 is on Wednesday 1st March at 12.30 – 13.30

In this first webinar, you will learn:

  • why Fire Prevention Plans have been introduced and who needs to have one;
  • the benefits of early adoption of the guidance; and
  • the first steps on how to write a Fire Prevention Plan.

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Webinar 2 is on Wednesday 15th March at 12.30 – 13.30

During this second webinar, Eunomia’s Permitting Expert, Sophie Crosswell, will be joined by former South Wales Fire & Rescue Service Operational Tactical Manager Phil Pinches of F&P Fire Ltd to discuss what practical measures can be adopted and implemented by site operators to help the fire service when fighting a fire on site. This will include issues such as:

  • accessing water supplies and dealing with fire water run-off;
  • providing sufficient perimeter access; and
  • how to use the quarantine area.

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Webinar 3 is on Wednesday 29th March at 12.30 – 13.30

During this third webinar, the team will look at designing a FPP that doesn’t restrict site operations by looking at how to balance:

  • costs;
  • the EA requirements; and
  • the practicalities of onsite operations.

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If you’re interested in these webinars but unavailable on the dates shown, please register and you will receive watch again links after the sessions.