European Commission Publishes Eunomia Road Maps

16th November 2016

The European Commission has published a report which includes road maps developed by Eunomia on what eight member states should do to improve their waste management systems and ensure compliance with the targets contained within the waste framework directive and landfill directive.

Municipal Waste Compliance Promotion Exercise 2014-5 is part of a broader strategy aiming to improve the compliance and implementation of EU waste legislation and support member states in achieving compliance.

The recently published report is a follow-up to a previous study which involved a screening exercise of waste management practices in all member states and reviews of ten countries experiencing some difficulties complying with the EU acquis.

Eunomia undertook studies in Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. For each member state the project team carried out a research and consultation phase to produce fact sheets detailing current systems for each country, which included the strengths and weaknesses of the systems that were in place.

Eunomia also hosted a series of workshops in each country to facilitate discussions with key stakeholders to confirm outputs for the road maps.

Ann Ballinger, project manager and Principal Consultant at Eunomia said:

“This project offers support to member states who are struggling to achieve compliance with the waste framework directive and the landfill directive – offering practical solutions to identified problems and improvements to systems tailored to their specific circumstances which can realistically be implemented. Since completing these roadmaps, we’ve also helped the Maltese roll out their food waste collections systems and we are discussing how the road maps can be put into practice with the other countries.”

Eunomia undertook this project with the support of the following sub-contractors:

The full report is available to download from our website here