Eunomia to Assess Waste Management Plans in Eight Member States

12th February 2015

Eunomia has been asked by the European Commisson’s DG Environment to conduct a review of the municipal waste management plans of eight EU Member States.

The eight Member States are Ireland, Malta, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Croatia. Ann Ballinger, Senior Consultant at Eunomia who will be leading the company’s work on the project, said:

“Many countries still face issues as they seek to meet the targets under the EU waste acquis. Many have recently completed their waste management plans, as required under the Waste Framework Directive.

“Our aim is to understand the quality of these, and whether the concrete actions being taken are likely to lead to the outcomes being envisaged. We will be developing roadmaps for the countries where we feel there is a gap between the two, and where they may be able to improve their performance.”

The work will proceed over the next year, with workshops to be held in each of the Member States concerned.