Eunomia to Tackle Waste Contract Questions

26th October 2016

Principal Consultant Peter Jones will be taking to the stage at The Recycling and Waste (RAW) Show 2016: Solutions for the public sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities that current market conditions present for councils undertaking waste treatment procurements.

Procurement and contract management are set to be two of the hot topics for the day. Held at the Adelphi House on the University of Salford Manchester campus, RAW will welcome 200 delegates who work in recycling and waste industries at the end of October.

Eunomia’s presentation Residual & Recycling Market Challenges will cover changes and challenges in both the residual waste and the MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) markets and what local authorities can do to adapt. The talk will also include a commentary on how the domestic and export markets for residual waste are shaping up, providing case studies and drawing from the independent consultancy’s special reports.

Peter Jones said:

“Now more than ever, councils need to protect their budgets by getting the best deal for their waste treatment. Markets are changing, and prices are very variable – but Eunomia’s recent projects have shown that it’s still possible for councils to make significant savings when new contracts are let. However, that’s far more difficult without expert technical support.”

Eunomia has recently expanded its procurement team with the appointment of Jamie Walker as Head of Procurement. He is working alongside the company’s waste experts to secure innovative and cost-efficient contracts for clients.

Also attending the RAW event will be members of Eunomia’s Manchester-based team, including:

  • Head of International Business Development Darren Perrin, who will be available to answer questions about the consultancy’s waste operations work, and its set of Council Tools.
  • Head of Resource Efficiency Mark Hilton, offering insights into opportunities to make savings through business process improvement, waste prevention and reuse.

The full programme for the event can be found here.