Eunomia Sponsors Bristol Healthy City Week Event

9th October 2015

Eunomia is pleased to be sponsoring the West of England Nature Partnership event ‘Naturally Healthy: why nature is good for our health & wellbeing’, showcasing innovative projects that benefit our health through encouraging nature to flourish in our urban environment.

The event will bring together experts and local practitioners from the fields of public health, planning, biodiversity and nature conservation to explore the value of ‘nature based health care’ through case studies of local innovative approaches.

While the notion that ‘nature is good for us’ is, for many, an intuitive one, the current squeeze on public sector budgets means it is increasingly important for such assertions to be supported by robust evidence. Assembling such evidence was a key aspect of a recent study by Eunomia for UK Water Industry Research – identifying, quantifying, and where possible placing a monetary value upon, the wider benefits of nature-based approaches to flood risk management in urban areas. Other projects, for Defra, and Natural England have similarly involved putting a value upon the health, and other, benefits that arise from enhancing our ‘green infrastructure’.

Eunomia is especially pleased to be sponsoring an event that fits so well with our own values, and we hope that it will help to further cost-effective collaborative approaches to creating places that are better for wildlife and people.

Speakers include:

Marcus Grant, WHO European Healthy Cities Network, Director of SHINE

Dr Bruce Laurence, Director of Public Health, Bath & North East Somerset Council

Dr Marion Steiner, GP, Southmead and Henbury Family Practice and Self Care Lead, Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group

Nicola Ramsden, Woodland Workshop Leader, Forest of Avon Trust, Into the Woods.

Eunomia’s Managing Director, Mike Brown, will give a welcome address, alongside Dr Ros Kennedy, High Sherriff of Bristol and Bevis Watts, Chief Executive, Avon Wildlife Trust.

The event runs from 6pm to 8:30pm on Monday 12th October at Open Space Bristol. It is free to attend, and places can be booked online.