Eunomia Speakers at Public Policy Exchange Litter Event

4th November 2015

Chris Sherrington, Principal Consultant, and Chiarina Darrah, Consultant at Eunomia, will be talking about litter prevention in Central London on Thursday 5th November.

The event, ‘Keeping our Communities Clean: The Role of Local Authorities in Tackling Litter and Fly-Tipping’ is organised by Public Policy Exchange.

Chris is speaking in the morning session entitled ‘Tackling Litter and Fly-Tipping Across our Nation – Addressing Key Issues and Challenges’, where he will highlight the potential for tackling litter through implementing item-specific measures. Such approaches, as illustrated in Eunomia’s recent ‘Clean Sweep’ report, can be fairer and more cost-effective than the current approach to funding litter prevention and removal.

Chiarina is speaking in the afternoon session entitled ‘Working in Partnership to Reduce Incidents of Litter and Fly-Tipping in Every Local Area’, where she will be talking about community initiatives for litter prevention, their context within litter strategy, and how councils can support them.


Chiarina Speaks


Other speakers include Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, Derek Holliday, Head of Environment at the Country Land and Business Association, and Trewin Restorick, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Hubbub.

Further event details can be found here.