Eunomia Shares Expertise with Delegates from Vietnam and Japan

19th December 2016

Eunomia welcomed government representatives from Vietnam and consultants from Japan this week on two unrelated visits.

Delegates from Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance met with Eunomia Chairman Dominic Hogg in the consultancy’s London office during a fact-finding mission to the UK and Germany.

The delegates came to gather information and study experiences in budgetary and fiscal policies for environmental protection including tax policies, public expenditure and price policies for environmental protection.

Dominic shared insights from our work on environmental fiscal reform, developed for the European Commission, as well as more detailed insights around market-based instruments to address waste and resource-related issues, and ways to fund a developing waste management system.

He said:

‘Many countries that don’t have strong traditions in waste management are now having to confront a significant and growing problem. I hope that through this fascinating exchange of experience, we have helped the delegation to understand some of the tools that they could be using in Vietnam, perhaps adapting them to their own needs’.

In the same week, guests from the Japanese National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) were invited to Eunomia’s head office in Bristol to discuss the RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) market.

Eunomia Director Mike Brown and Senior Consultant Harriet Parke presented an overview of the UK waste market, and the key issues surrounding RDF export to International Project Co-ordinator Rieko Kubota and Senior Researcher Tomonori Ishigaki, both from the Centre for Material Cycles and Waste Management Research.

As secretariat of the RDF Industry Group, Mike introduced the Group’s current work to develop a Code of Practice planned for 2017. Mike also highlighted Eunomia’s unique bi-annual Residual Waste Infrastructure Review. The 11th issue, the latest, examines the implications of Brexit uncertainties for residual waste treatment in the UK.

Harriet said:

“It was great to welcome Rieko and Tomonori and share insights into the current issues surrounding the UK waste market. It was also a welcome opportunity to learn more about the work of the NIES around RDF and Refuse Paper and Plastic Fuel (‘RPF’) in South East Asia. We look forward to continuing to provide insights as RDF and SRF markets continue to evolve both in Europe and Asia.”

Following the visit Rieko said:

“The stimulating conversation about RDF/SRF we had with Mike and Hattie has equipped us with better knowledge and understanding of the RDF/SRF market and issues in UK and Europe.”