Eunomia Opens New York Office

31st May 2017

Eunomia has opened its first office in the United States of America as part of its global expansion plans.

The new office adds to Eunomia’s thriving international network which spreads across seven cities and three continents, with teams in London, Brussels, Copenhagen, Manchester, Glasgow, Auckland, Bristol, and now, New York.

We have seen a growing demand for our expertise across the world, and our work has already attracted attention from the USA – in particular, our high-profile projects in the fields of marine plastics and the Circular Economy.

With the USA generating around 254 million tons of waste each year, Eunomia believes US-based clients can benefit from perspectives on waste, recycling and environmental policy in Europe, whilst the company also seeks to learn from the US to enhance its services in other countries.

Sarah Edwards - CEO Eunomia Inc 800

It is estimated that 50% of all US produce is thrown away. Eunomia’s resource efficiency team, who have a wealth of experience in successfully reducing food waste in the retail and hospitality sectors as well as in industry, and through informing government policy, hopes to make a dent in this, learning lessons from work carried out in the UK and Europe.

Eunomia’s resource efficiency team has a wealth of experience in supporting business in implementing circular economy principles, enhancing resource efficiency and delivering bottom line benefits. Combining this knowledge with effective policy design, it hopes to make a dent in the staggering quantity of food wasted in the US, much as they continue to do in the UK and Europe. It is estimated that 50% of all US produce is thrown away.

Eunomia has already begun a project with ReFED a multi-stakeholder not for profit network of businesses and government leaders committed to reducing food waste in the US with guidelines expected in July 2017.

Sarah Edwards, the CEO of the new office said:

“This is both an exciting and challenging time to start trading in the USA.  Despite federal government inaction, states, cities, businesses and grassroots organisations will continue to drive positive environmental change.  We look forward to working with them to deliver sustainable long term solutions.”

Founder and Chairman Dominic Hogg, who will be chairing a panel discussion on marine plastics at the UN Ocean Conference in New York on Wednesday 7th June, added:

“Over time, we’ve developed a range of tools and methods that have proven their worth in a number of different countries. Our approach has always been to transfer lessons from our experiences and apply them to each new situation we encounter. The US is a new market for us, and we’re excited at the prospect of bringing our novel perspectives to bear on new challenges.”

Eunomia’s New York team will also be hosting several introductory events in the city this summer.