Eunomia is in the Loop

9th June 2014

Eunomia Consultant Clare Pitts-Tucker and Director James Fulford have written an article on incentives for the current edition of The Loop, a quarterly membership magazine produced for the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC). The article reports on the findings of Eunomia’s research for Serco regarding the effectiveness of recycling incentive schemes.

Limitations on the data available make it difficult to provide a definitive assessment. However, looking at five schemes for which detailed information was available, it was found that there was little difference in the overall preference and performance between personal and communal incentive schemes. Each had results on such a small scale that they tended to be drowned out by other factors, including socio-economic trends, resident attitudes and investment in local authority communications.

Clare and James have also written a related piece on the topic for the Isonomia blog.